Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is a specialty of our veterinary clinic. This form of medicine includes regular physical examinations combined with vaccinations according to each individual pet’s lifestyle and needs.


Vaccinations play an essential role in disease prevention in our pets. Our veterinarians will discuss with you the different types of vaccines that are available and create a vaccination plan that is best suited for you and your pet. Vaccine titer measurements are also an effective way to ensure your pets are protected. Kitten and puppy vaccinations and annual wellness visits are useful means of overall care for these furry members of our family.

We strongly encourage our clients to make a small investment into annual wellness blood tests because the best way to understand a pet’s status of well-being is to compare their test results with their own test results from the previous year. This way, we can catch the abnormal trends at an early stage.


As a result, early intervention may be planned and performed, providing better prognoses and minimizing cost. This small investment will minimize or even prevent costly treatments in the future.

Point Grey Veterinary Hospital Preventative Medicine
Point Grey Veterinary Hospital Preventative Medicine

Maintaining excellent dental health in your pet can substantially increase the quality and duration of their life. Poor oral health contributes to many diseases: heart, liver, kidney, and joint disease (arthritis) for example.  Find out more about dental health here.

Have you ever wondered what the true breed of your pup is? Or how about what genetic conditions may be lurking within his DNA makeup?  We have DNA test kits that can help with identifying hereditary diseases click here for more information.

Need advice on Pet Nutrition?  There are hundreds of choices for pet food on the market today, making it very difficult for pet owners to decide what is best for their pets.  We can recommend a prescription diet that helps to manage certain health problems.  We can also provide guidance and recipes if you choose to create a homemade diet for your pet.