Endoscopy is becoming an important part of veterinary practice. We utilize a flexible fibre optic endoscope which allows the clinician to view areas such as the trachea, stomach and colon without the use of surgery.  Procedures commonly performed with the endoscope include:  retrieval of swallowed objects from the stomach, stomach and intestinal examination and biopsy, placement of feeding tubes and examination of the upper airways.

Recovery from endoscopic procedures is much shorter than the alternative surgical procedures.  For example, a dog may have a plastic toy fragment removed from its stomach (a potentially life threatening situation) by either endoscopic procedure or by surgical procedure.  The dog undergoing endoscopy would be discharged from hospital the same day as the procedure and could return to normal function almost immediately.  On the other hand, the animal undergoing surgical removal of the toy would need to spend 24 to 48 hours in hospital following the procedure and would need to gradually reintroduce solid foods.

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In the event of an Emergency that occurs after hours, please contact

Canada West Veterinary Specialist and 24/7 Emergency at 604.473.4882. Located at 1988 Kootenay Street in Vancouver or if distance is an issue, you may try Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic at 604.879.ERER(3737). They are located at 2303 Alberta Street in Vancouver.

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