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Emotional Support Officer

Henry is a Siberian hamster, born and raised in Point Grey. He is very happy to have found his forever home here at the clinic. His favorite pastimes are running around the clinic in his ball, napping throughout the day, and eating veggie snacks. He also loves snuggling with his PGVH family, as well as participating in the occasional photo shoot. He is very talented at boosting morale around the workplace, and always brings a smile to everyone that sees him!

Point Grey

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We still believe in work life balance.  We try to ensure our staff are happy, well rested and able to spend quality time with their friends and family which is why every Sunday is family day.

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In the event of an Emergency that occurs after hours, please contact

Canada West Veterinary Specialist and 24/7 Emergency at 604.473.4882. Located at 1988 Kootenay Street in Vancouver or if distance is an issue, you may try Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic at 604.879.ERER(3737). They are located at 2303 Alberta Street in Vancouver.

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