New Client Information

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Thank you for choosing us as your preferred veterinary hospital.

Here you will find helpful tips and resources to make your experience with us a breeze.

If you have an appointment with us please be sure to fill out the New Client Form before you arrive.  This will save time and provide us with as much information as possible.  However, in the event that you are unable to fill out the New Client Form before your appointment, please arrive 10-15 min before your appointment so you can fill one out at our office.

Before your visit with us, be sure to fill out our Pre-Visit Questionnaire form to ensure all your concerns are addressed so together we can provide the best care for your best friend.  We would require this form to be filled out for every visit.  Please take a moment to fill the Pre-Visit Questionnaire form before you arrive to reduce your waiting time.

What to expect

At Point Grey Veterinary Hospital, we strive to ensure your concerns are addressed and answered.  Your experience with us should be a happy one for both you and your furry loved ones. Adapting to a new clinic can be stressful enough already, our friendly staff will ensure that an abundance of treats and hugs will be there to help with the transition. A visit to the clinic should not only be when your pet is ill, we welcome and encourage you to pop in for a visit whenever you are in the area. Come in to enjoy a treat or two on us, say hello or just for a few hugs. After all, we are family!

As a new client, we want to take the time to get to know you and your pet.  To ensure we address your every concern and to answer any questions you may have, we specifically book an extended appointment that is 45 minutes long.  Enjoy your time with us and have a tour of the hospital, meet the staff and know that your loved ones are in the best hands.


When price shopping, it is important to understand what it is you are shopping for, what is important to you and what factors you must consider when making your decision.

Lets use a routine puppy spay procedure as an example. While prices may vary greatly from clinic to clinic, consider asking the following questions to find out why there are such differences in price. 

  • Is there a Registered Veterinary Technician on staff and present at each surgical procedure?

  • Is sedation included?

  • Are pain medications included?

  • Are IV fluids included?

  • Are post surgical exams and medications included?

  • Has screening tests such as blood work been completed to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure safely. 

  • How is anesthetic monitoring done?

All these questions must be answered and compared when you price shop as they may greatly affect the quality of care for your pet. Ask yourself, what is important to you? At Point Grey Veterinary Hospital, we place the health and care of our patients as our highest priority.

Kitty Love


We understand that bring your best friend in for a procedure can be stressful.  You may have so many questions and worrying about how they are coping or how scared they may be.  We get it, that is why we have made a little video for you so you can understand what to expect.  At Point Grey Veterinary Hospital preventative medicine is our specialty, it takes time to earn that bond and trust not just with the pet but with you.  

Have a look at the most common procedures typically we do on a daily basis.  Let us provide the best care we can to substantially increase the quality and duration of their life.

Dental Procedure
Lump Removal Procedure
Neuter Procedure  
Spay Procedure