Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance: peace of mind for those unexpected accidents

Currently, there are many companies that offer comprehensive pet insurance in Canada, for example, Pet Care, and Trupanion. 

Pet insurance provides coverage for accidents and illnesses to dogs of all ages and breeds. Some policies also provide coverage for routine health care, such as vaccination, dental care and parasite control.

How much you can expect to pay for monthly premiums for your new puppy depends on how comprehensive the coverage you need. Insurance premiums also can vary based on the level of co-insurance provided. For example, a company may require the owner to pay 20% of veterinary fees, while the insurance will cover the remaining 80%. 


All companies provide free insurance for a month, and we strongly recommend taking advantage of this offer while you decide whether to use pet insurance long term. Generally speaking, insurance is a great value in the first year or two of a dog’s life, when they are most likely to have accidents or ingest things they are not supposed to. In addition, a dog with genetic susceptibilities to bone development problems such as hip dysplasia, to allergies, and to congenital problems may have life-long health problems for which insurance can be of great benefit. While not immune to health problems, middle-aged dogs will likely need less insurance, but there is increased need for veterinary care with advancing age.


Having insurance in place before problems such as cancer, heart disease, or arthritis develop can provide peace of mind for both short and long-term care.