5 Tips To Get Your Cat To Let You Sleep

We all love our cats, but let’s be honest – we love sleep too, and constantly getting woken up before we please can get grating over time. Thankfully, there are things you can do to lessen – and even eliminate – those mornings where kitty just won’t let you sleep in.

1. Routine

Cats love routine, just like kids and (most) adults. Kids, however, are easier to adjust to said routine, as are their feline counterparts. If you constantly get up at the same time, your cat will begin to rise at that time also. It won’t work right away, but if you stick to it, kitty will know when to expect your morning greetings.

2. Hassle-Free Early Breakfasts

Some cats like really, really early breakfasts. If you have the type of cat who cries to be fed before 6am and, frankly, you’d really rather just not get up, investing in an automatic pet feeder will do wonders for your free time. The cheaper ones allow kitty to access her food whenever the mood strikes, and the pricier ones can even be set to a timer, so if she wants to eat at 6am, she’ll get food at 6am and you won’t even notice.

3. Lights Out.

When the lights go out, it’s time to sleep. No ifs, ands, or buts. Train your cat so they know this. The room going dark needs to be an important cue that it’s time for you to go to bed, and time for kitty to chill out and sleep as well. Don’t forget, it’s your house, your rules. Bed time is when you say it is.

4. “Go to your room!”

Sometimes, all the training, cues, feeding, and snuggling just won’t help. These are times when, at night, you may have to banish your cat to their carrier, or even another room. Humans have these silly things called “responsibilities” (ugh) and there are situations when getting a full night’s sleep is really important. If your cat refuses to let you sleep while she’s sharing your bed, perhaps the sharing needs to stop.

5. Admit Defeat.

On the other hand…some mornings, they’re right. You have to get up for work. You have that appointment. You promised yourself you’d get up early and go jogging. Dammit, kitty, WHY ARE YOU RIGHT? Alright, I’m up, I’m up.

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