Tina, RVT


Tina was born in Taiwan and moved to North Vancouver with her family in 2004.  Growing up in Taiwan, Tina is fluent in  English,  Mandarin and can communicate in both languages.  She obtained an Associate’s degree in Biology.  Tina always loved animals and volunteered at her local Veterinary Clinic in her spare time.  It was not long before she was offered a part-time position as an assistant.  One year later, Tina realized her love for animals was more than a job so she enrolled in the Douglas College Veterinary Technician program. She graduated from Douglas College in 2019 and is currently studying hard to become a registered technician.

Tina is Fear free certified. Fear free is a set of techniques based on behavioural science to provide a low-stress environment for pets during their vet visits. 

Tina has a 5-year-old Pembroke welsh corgi named Hunter at home. Although she would love to add more fur babies, Hunter prefers to be an only child. 

In her spare time, Tina likes to read, go biking, and hiking. She also enjoys volunteering at Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Center during the summer season and help rehabilitate seal pups. 

Tina于2004随着家人从台湾移民加拿大定居北温,所以可以使用流利的普通话及英文与客户进行交流和沟通。Tina从小喜欢动物所以他在攻读生物学副学士学位期间,用课余时间在当地的兽医诊所当志工,帮助动物接受诊疗,期间并获得兼职助理的职位。一年后Tina了解到对动物不仅是一种喜欢和热爱而是更是一种责任和志业,所以她申请Douglas College就读了兽医技师课程,期望在未来的工作生涯,帮助更多的动物。她于2019年六月完成学位,即将通过考试,成为合格的注册技师。





Email: rvt@pointgreyvet.com


Olivia, VT



Born and raised in England, Olivia moved to Vancouver 1.5 years ago. After graduating in Criminology Olivia decided to travel, where she discovered her passion for working with animals.  Landing in Vancouver, Olivia spent over a year at an emergency hospital, before deciding to join our wonderful team.  Olivia has an adorable French bulldog called Nino, who cannot catch treats to save his life!

During non-Covid19 times, she loves to combine her love for scuba diving, rock climbing, and traveling.

Email: rvt@pointgreyvet.com

Becca, RVT


Bio coming soon 

Email: rvt@pointgreyvet.com

Caitlin, VT


Bio coming soon 

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